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Simply lovely.


Thank you Jason!


did you cut your hair or is this from an old picture or did you just give yourself a haircut in the drawing??
i really like this!


I had my hair pulled back.
NOT old. VERY recent in fact.
I was looking at myself when I drew it- so it's about a week old!

:) thanks Karl!


p.s. i decided that i didn't like this. i love it.


Wow, this is beautiful. The colors, the texture detail and the lighting are great. Taking advantage of the flatness of digital color -- very cool. The same goes for the Sutter drawing as well, nice work.

Jason Dicools

wow jen this looks rad as shit! glad to see you drawing or should I say "watch" you draw.... I'm outside your window right now heeeeeeehaways does that!


WOW- thanks everyone!
I am so used to not getting any comments that I hadn't noticed these.

I really appreciate the comments and kind words!

Thanks for spurring me on!


the kind of drawing that looks so sweet and simple until you look closer and then, oh my it's fantastic!


Oh Niffer, it's so awesome. Your stuff always rocks!


For some reason, every time i have come to this blog for the last 5 or 6 times, the pictures haven't shown up. Any help?


Cedric: I can only help you if your problem is that the SAME pictures keep showing up. That's because we're really busy lately. My best advice for you is to use Firefox if you're not already.


Awesome talent! Love your art!


WOW! thanks again everyone!
I hope to have some new stuff up soon. Work keeps pilling up and I don't get to draw- but this is so encouraging!


Deborah Ross

This self portrait is excellent. Your cartoons are funny, but your talent as an artist is so superb...give up the cartoons for serious drawing. Your style is unique.


Wow, this and the other portrait are amazing? Is this done straight into a computer? It looks like you painted it. By hand I mean.


Hey everyone! Just so you know, Inkfinger is authored by TWO people. Sutter does comics and I do more realistic drawings.

Thanks for the compliments, but I think I want sutter to keep doing his comics! haha.

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