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Hi Niff

Have a look here:




Me again ... it just occured to me that you use typepad too. I made a text file called robots.txt with the following 2 lines in it

file User-agent: Googlebot-Image
Disallow: /

I then uploaded it into my files section (the last tab in the control panel screen). How it works is explained towards the bottom of the last comment links page.

Phew! Hope it helps.



Holy Cow Elaine!!! thanks so much!
your RULE! I am gonna try it out!


Hi Niff & Elaine,
I added a robots.txt file about a year and a half ago and it didn't do anything to stop images from showing up on google (and have not deleted or changed the file-- just hoping that it will start working at some point). I hope you have better luck with it than I have, but sort- of think that either keeping images small or adding a notice to them all is the way to go!
Congrats on the show and the success!


The advice above will work with google (eventually), but if you want to protect your images from all search engines then you need to create a new .htaccess file in your image directory.

if you search for "image" and "htaccess" you can find plenty of instructions.


Wow, Niff, that is really beautiful... and framed well, too!

Your leaves remind me of this blogger/jeweller's wares:


Meghan: WOW! that stuff is really beautiful! I have seen some of her sketches before, but not the jewelry. I get my inspiration for all my floral designs from vintage fabric and wallpapers. Looks like she gets hers from vintage clip art or something.

thank you so much for sharing!


I love you work, and I often refer to your site for inspiration. May I suggest you put a watermark on images? I know it kinda detracts from the image but then at least no one can use it (or screen capture it) without credit (see the images in the artist catalogue at

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