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Turkeys are far uglier than ostriches. Ostriches are far meaner though. Maybe because they lost the ugly award.


Ostriches are actually pretty damn cute! SEE!


i would agree. ostriches can be pretty darn cute with their big black eyes and eyelashes. but vultures on the other had could probably give turkeys a run for their money on looks. i mean, there's even a turkey vulture.

anyhoo. i love the color on yours niff. sutter, yours makes me feel like i'm falling over, what with the awesome slant.


These are fun. Sutter, it's great how you give instructions & the beak on Niff's is fantastic!
Happy November!!!


Hi, you two! I'm sorry I seem to have run out of BC juice---don't know when or why it happened, but I still love you two and your work, of course! I myself think turkeys are handsome creatures, as your drawings so well illustrate ;D.


Good point, Jes. The Turkey Vulture is a pretty dad-gum ugly bird.

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