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i like the dripping blood from your spider niff.


Nice. I chose spiders as well. I love what you two do with BCs. Out of curiosity, are they drawn directly on the "Notebook" or are they done on paper, then scanned?


Rachael: we always draw them on paper and then scan them to add color on the computer. We never really change the line drawing after scanning it. Nice spiders by the way.


Relax! Wikipedia says:

As spiders do not prey on humans (or other large mammals), spiders do not "attack" people. It is rare, although not impossible, for spiders to mistake humans for prey. In some cases, spiders may confuse a human being (or a part thereof) for prey; many bites by black widows in the past occurred in outhouses when the spider, nesting under the seat, mistook a human user of the privy for an insect meal; there are many recorded examples of bites to the male genitals from widow spiders prior to the widespread availability of indoor plumbing in the United States.


male genitals = insects... yeah, i could see that.


Sutter: you actually highlighted the wrong place where the violin markings are. You should study more! =)

NME foofoo

    I think it's fabulous that Halloween was made the center of attraction. I just got into the spirit of things and purchased some spider webs for the office. Here in the Pacific Coast, we got some big, green grasshoppery-like spiders. Very intimidating.
    I'd luv to see comments on how the two of you got started. I can't begin to think what month would be could for reminiscing the minute details and fine print agreements (if NE). Perhaps December-January, or the month of luv, February. Or is that April fool? Hmmn.…


I hate spiders. But that's a really nice one.


I think that would be a great idea NME foofoo. Right now we are in the midst of moving, and this helps explain my absence a little bit. I wanted to do some posts about that. We have a lot of "fix-ups" to do, but I hope it won't take too much of our time away from Inkfinger.

Thanks everyone...I hope you followed my link and SCROLLED DOWN!

Suzanne Buchanan

Wow, both of your hand/eye coordinations (I know I'm not saying this right) must be exceptional! Amazing. I would love to be put on the blind contour list, but for some reason my computer isn't letting me email you.


These illustrations are both cool, the blood really creeps me out-which is what the intention was I believe.

An illustration is suppose to tell a story and you both really pulled that off, very well thought out. Kudos to the both of you!

I hate spiders so these have definitely left a strong impression.

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