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sushi is great and so are both drawings. to me niffs looks like a dragon and sutters has a asian feel to it.


I hate sushi, but boy do they look good!


These are making me so hungry! Your two versions are so different, but I really love both. Niff, those colors are so amazing, so cheerful, so fun. I want to steal that palette! Sutter, I love the way the chopsticks jazz up the compostion and I also love that fabulous ochre-y background against the black and white and jewelly red and green.

dave h

great contour as always.. and really great colour, so great to see how the two work so amazingly together. sushi is also theresa's (my partner) favourite, and sneaks away to eat it on her own whenever she gets the chance... i can't stand it myself!

i love the chopsticks sticking way up there and i think it's really cute to see the wire spine of your drawing pad there, sort of photograph-y beside with the web palette and the drawing. and niff's got such great greens


i love the coloring. the two of you are always so good at it. i love the subject too... one of these days we'll have to get some sushi together. yum!


Sushi ... yum. There's just nothing better ... and you've both done a great job with it, and excellent coloring, too.

jenny vorwaller

confession. tell NO one.

i havent tried sushi yet. im so out of style, i know. :P

these are awesome!!


Let's go get some sushi, Jenny! But you should know that you have to pick up the bill if it's your first time. It's in the Rulebook. :)


Mmmmmmmmmmm... sushi. Not sure if I like sushi more or your drawings of sushi more.

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