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What a great concept for "breakfast" and you both have created great shapes and color.

I have never had grits before, now you have me curious and I will have to try them. What are grits made of?


wow you guys are good!

Niff, how can it be that you have made this beautiful? it's an amazing thing to see that you have

Sutter, one of your eggs is angry and fussing, tell him to hush! can't he see the egg diagonally from him is trying to sleep?

great bc's you two!!


Grits and eggs, food of the gods. And you have certainly done them right. Your orderly displays are things of beauty.


Can I say Blind Contour Cookerybook? How excellent would THAT be - and of course we'd all feel super-gourmet at producing dishes that looked better than the pictures in the book!

Love this - excellent egg interpretation - they look like they are on a bus trip to the seaside.

Also, apologies for not responding to notifies and so on - I'm having *issues* with email. Prolly because I am a computer doofus.


wonderful eggs


HA HA, CIN: I didn't notice until now that one of sutter's eggs really is fussing!!! It looks like he is screaming really!

Ian Corey

Looking good, The Niff and The Sutter. I was always scared to try grits until I found out that it's just corn dust.

dave h

i love the colours... and of course blind contour text is always fun to see... i've never had grits before, so i'll give 'em a try! thanks guys!

Julie Oakley

Yeuch - corn dust! When I saw Quaker I assumed it was an American word for porridge! Oh well!
Now I'd never have thought you could make an egg look like an egg with a blind contour drawing, but you've both succeeded


Both of these drawings are awesome. I especially like the overall color scheme on Niff's drawing, and how both drawings have a contour of the cast shadow from the egg carton.


Firstly - damn impressive. Secondly have you ever tried melted cheddar over grits - Whoa! Major Yum.


Hi! I couldn't access your site for the past 2 days so i was unable to leave word that my BCD was up. Anyway, it is and I hope you could drop by :-) I love eating eggs for breakfast, but I haven't tried eating grits. I love how you guys decided to draw the eggs still inside the tray. Very unique!

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