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I so wish I was heading to Philly now and not last year. I would definitely use this info to track down your appartment building just to say I had seen it. I really enjoyed Philly.



This looks like such a cool area. I'm going to come live with you. I'm leaving right now. I have two dogs.


Love your sketches.


Phew. Phinally got mine done. Hi, Phillies. I love the way Niff's is flying apart. Fun to see Sutter's scratches taking up in the scene where Niff's squiggles left off!


That's quite a bit of detail for a B.C. Niff.


Nice ones. I actually miss the every week BCF- haven't done a BC in a while. Have fun at Suncapsules!


really, this is just The way to draw, your lines are beautiful, no color necessary! the only thing I remember about Walnut Street is there is a gelato place, Capogiro, near it, yum


actually, Cin, if Niff had drawn the next block down, Capogiro would've made it in. We're are deliciously close to it.


Great perspective ... you even got the grating around the trees!


no way, one block away! hey, I'm coming to live with you too, and I not bringing any dogs.

the sapient pig

nice lines. enjoying having discovered your blog.


Great blind contours and I like how you captured the angle of the buildings and the shapes of the windows. I have friends in Philly and remember the cobblestone streets and shops. One in particular that was all glassed in on the second floor and surrounded by plants with a lovely carved table of an actual tree trunk. I believe it was the upstairs of a gallery. Is this something you might know of?

dave h

a really inspiring blind contour! the detail is great, and the lines really make the street look busy... i like the windows up top, and the detail in your garden below.. i also like the shifted letters on the side of the building of Sutter's... lotsa fun.


what a busy view


Lovely - I like the contrast between the buildings and the trees and the whirly tree grids :)

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